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In the Classroom

Public Education

We believe in equitable public education for all. To that end, we have hosted multiple events on educational issues.

Public Education: Causes

Educating Legislators

On February 23, 2022, we held an event to encourage legislators and the public to listen to Indiana educators' views on proposed legislation, as well as what teaching is like amidst these political fights.

Public Education: HTML Embed

Critical Insights: The Truth about Race, Education, Social Emotional Learning, and School Practices

Do public schools have a role in discussing or educating students about race? Are reflective social and emotional practices a beneficial part of social education in the United States? Recently, discussion of Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning has been raised in school board meetings, popular media, and the dinner table.

Muncie Resists held panel discussion on current practices within public schools with elementary and multicultural education scholars and advocates. 

Vashon Broadnax, Graduate Student, Ball State University
Kristin Cipollone, Associate Professor of Elementary Education, Ball State University
Gilbert Park, Associate Professor of Social Foundations and Multicultural Education, Ball State University
Emily Rutter, Associate Professor of English, Ball State University

Public Education: Video
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