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2024 Primary Series

Muncie Resists is invested in voter education and engagement. For our 2024 Primary Series, we hosted two events. All candidates were invited. We have also distributed an in-depth survey to all candidates, and the responses can be found here.

County Races

Maring-Hunt Library

March 19, 6:30 PM

Chris Musick (D) - County Council At-Large

Ashley Wright (D) - County Commissioner, District 1
Sherry Riggin (R) - County Commissioner, District 2

Kimberly Dowling (D) - 46th Judicial Circuit Court 2

Doug Mawhorr (R) - 46th Judicial Circuit Court 3

Legislature, State-wide, and Federal Races

Maring-Hunt Library

April 2nd, 6:30 PM

John Bartlett (D) - State Representative, District 33

Susan Dillon (R) - State Representative, District 34

Sue Errington (D) - State Representative, District 34

Phil Gift (D) - State Representative, District 35

Raju Chinthala (R) -  US Congress, District 5

Deborah Pickett (D) - US Congress, District 5

LD Powell (R) -  US Congress, District 5

Marc Carmichael (D) - US Senate

Valerie McCray (D) - US Senate

2024 Primary Series: Text
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